Whooooo Loves Owls?!?

2nd graders have been drawing, coloring and painting these vibrant owls on 12 X 18 white sulphite paper.  We used a large black crayon for the initial drawing.  Then we added color and details with beeswax crayons, glitter crayons, fluorescent crayons and metallic liquid watercolor for the background. I added black, blue and purple liquid watercolor, a small amount of Crayola Pearl It Effects and then some green glitter liquid watercolor to create the paint for the shimmery night sky.  The results are a collection of stunning, colorful owl friends!

Happy Creating,


Colorful PATCHWORK Leaves

This is a great lesson to introduce "line design" to 1st graders.  The book Lines that Wiggle is a great complement to this lesson.  We used 12 x 18 yellow paper and a large tracer for the leaf. Crayons were used to add line designs and the painting was done with cotton swabs to create a small dot pattern. Using old egg cartons to hold the paint makes clean up easy peasy! (See pics below) My favorite is the gold paint because it adds a bit of shimmer to the lovely leaves! it was a kid favorite too!

Happy creating,


Fall Patchwork Scarecrows

It's starting to get cooler here in the Midwest, which means hay rides and pumpkin patch visits.  What better time than to create some fall-loving scarecrows.  For this 2nd grade lesson, we used 9 X 12 white sulphite paper and black crayons to draw the scarecrow.  We added the details with fluorescent crayons, beeswax crayons and then finished with a watercolor wash of purples and blues.  This lesson took two, 50 minute periods to complete.  The result is a whole "patch" of cute, colorful scarecrows with loads of personality!

Happy fall,


Charley Harper Winter Cardinals

It's easy to forget how demanding and busy the first few weeks of the new school year are! After reviewing the classroom rules and setting up the art room expectations, we have been hard at work creating some awesome art! 

My 3rd graders have been learning about the great artist Charley Harper while creating an adorable cardinal!.  This lesson combines a directed line drawing with coloring and watercolor painting. The prep for this lesson easy super easy...watercolor paper and Sharpie marker for the first week and crayon and watercolor for the second week.  This makes for a great beginning of the year project.

This year I changed the lesson a bit and added holly and a little snow to give these birds a holiday vibe.  I think the results are so cute because each little bird has it's own personality! These would make super sweet holiday cards. Check out these beautiful cardinals!

Happy Creating!

Carla :)

Stunning Marigold Collage

This Mexican flower collage lesson was presented at the Deep Space Sparkle Conference in Santa Barbara by Laura Lohmann of Painted Paper Art. It was so much fun to paint, cut, glue and get a little messy!  This would be a lovely Mother's Day project!

Floral Collage with Painted Paper

Floral Collage with Painted Paper

Painted marigold

Painted marigold

Brilliant Blue Dogs

2nd graders loved this modern take on George Rodrigue's Blue Dog! This fun lesson is another great one from Patty over at Deep Space Sparkle (one of our favorite art blogs).  You can check out this lesson here .  We used colored construction paper, (red, orange or yellow), oil pastels and the book Are You Blue Dog's Friend, to complete this simple lesson!

Snowmen at Night

Inspired by the book Snowmen at Night. This is a fabulous lesson to teach shading and chalk pastel techniques. 

5th graders created these beautiful snowmen!  Chalk pastels were used to teach shading and oil pastels were used to add details.  


Art Room Supplies

My Top 10 Budget-Friendly

Elementary Art Classroom Supplies

You Need These!!!!!

1.Black fine-tip Sharpie Markers

2. Black Crayola Crayons

3. Black / white oil pastels

4. Crayola colored pencils - 24 pack

5. Crayola crayons - 24 pack

6. Crayola  oil pastels -assorted colors - Jumbo size - 28 pack

7. Sargent Liquid Watercolors - 10 pack of assorted colors

8. Crayola premier Tempera Paint - Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White

9. Bright white Pacon sulfite paper - 9 x 12 or 12 x 18

10. Crayola broad line markers - Assorted colors - 10 count pack

* These supplies are brand-specific.  Always purchase the greatest color variety your budget allows!

Remember: Greater color variety = Greater artwork