Charley Harper Winter Cardinals

It's easy to forget how demanding and busy the first few weeks of the new school year are! After reviewing the classroom rules and setting up the art room expectations, we have been hard at work creating some awesome art! 

My 3rd graders have been learning about the great artist Charley Harper while creating an adorable cardinal!.  This lesson combines a directed line drawing with coloring and watercolor painting. The prep for this lesson easy super easy...watercolor paper and Sharpie marker for the first week and crayon and watercolor for the second week.  This makes for a great beginning of the year project.

This year I changed the lesson a bit and added holly and a little snow to give these birds a holiday vibe.  I think the results are so cute because each little bird has it's own personality! These would make super sweet holiday cards. Check out these beautiful cardinals!

Happy Creating!

Carla :)